@bram when creating an application which requires a subdomain, having to go back to domains management and coming back to the application installation.

@bram another missing thing would be to be able to list the applications that use upstream debian packages only (no wget type of install, which in some cases is fine), and a way to encourage packagers to target using debian packages whenever possible (and to track that objective)

@bram another thing : being able to scale yunohost, in a company context (kubernetes, openstack), deploying a yunohost which is a limited to a "single" VM can be considered a risk (compare with cloudron which has docker in it's core which can scale with container tech). This is not a showstopper for me, but might be for others.

@bram yunohost is amazing ! Congrats to everyone that has contributed.

@bram two company installs :

* one for a client project to have multiple tools out of the box to manage a project (no email use)

* one internal to the company to easily deploy tools to test out (but might end up being considered production) - see tickets about integrating with an existing LDAP

@bram integrated encrypted backups, not as an application, but in the core of yunohost (can be based on the existing borg applications), and with that clear information about what app uses what kind of data (sql dump, files, etc.)

Hello mastodon, but more precisely #YunoHost users (or interested people),

I'm exploring the idea of making a survey on YunoHost to have a better understand on who use it and why and what is important to you and what to improve/already works.

For that, it would be great if you could help me by answering some questions so I can put better questions/more options in the survey :)

I'm going to do 1 toot per question, but let's start with the first one: can you tell me why you are using #YunoHost?

@bram group management (but there's a PR on that... hope it ends up integrated ;-) )

Ho, j'ai presque oublié.

du jour :

🗣️ Noé nous a présenté OBS Studio obsproject.com/ "un logiciel libre de capture d'écran et de streaming" que l'on utilise pour enregistrer les présentations du vendredi faites en visioconférence

@framasky merci ♥️

J'imagine que tu connais github.com/borgbase/vorta (je teste un peu avant de proposer à mes utilisat-rice-eur-s

Mon #Kink du moment, c’est de passer les sauvegardes de nos serveurs de #Backuppc à #Borg (avec #Borgmatic). Avec #Salt, ça se fait super bien 🙂

@framasky si tu as des trucs publics à ce sujet je suis preneur (vu qu'on utilise et , et à la marge). Merci !

@Exagone313 do you want an account on social.logilab.org ? (I have separate fediverse accounts for work and personnal)

Fermeture de Cloudwatt après avoir englouti des dizaines de millions d'euros d'argent public... qui n'auront pas été perdus pour tout le monde.
Encore un scandale typiquement français, explicable par la "collusion des élites".

J'ai fait mon propre panel de debug dans la debug toolbar de pyramid, c'était vraiment pas difficile mais super gratifiant 😋❤️

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