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Hey there !

Yesterday we started opened an alpha-testing for #Yunohost 4.x running on Debian #Buster :blobcatcoffee: !

🚧 Note that for now this is intended to gather feedback from people who are not afraid to tinker and it should *absolutely not be used in production*.

If you have some time to try this on a test server, this would help us very much stabilizing the migration and support for Buster 👍 !

More info on the forum:

🎉 #PeerTube 2.2 released 🎉

This new release adds external auth plugins, HTML emails, settings for anonymous users, better redundancy system management, video abuses improvements and many more!

Check the blog post for more information:

And the complete changelog on

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors!

New #heptapod tutorial: Pulling and pushing over HTTP using a Personal Access Token. This is the required method on

👉 Mon 'Ma vie en Équilibre' sur la sort le 24 juin !
À travers ma rencontre avec la pole dance, je parle de et de la connexion à notre propre corps.

J'espère que vous apprécierez de lire ma BD autant que j'ai aimé la dessiner !


#CubicWeb #community #meeting

Report :

🚀 Version 3.28-rc1 is on its way!
📦 more discussions on semver usage, on dependencies and cubes
📰 changelogs are now a maintained thing
☠️ improved new cube skeleton

We are looking for experts of specific #VCS, #package formats, and development #forges to fund in order to expand the coverage of the #SoftwareHeritage #archive.

If you qualify and are interested, read on and submit an expression of interest via the form linked from this post:

Service annoucement : upgrade of this afternoon. Hopefully we'll be back shortly

See you on the other side 😉

#community #meeting

Report :

🐍 more types introduced
📚 more readthedocs automation for CubicWeb dependencies
💯 discussions about semantic versionning
💚 more tests and continuous integration

New community meeting :

💬 some tickets have been migrated to our @heptapod
➡️ milestones were created
📋 an issue board
🔴 tests are failling since new dependency releases, fixes in the works
🖇️ dependency tests trigger CubicWeb tests to identify potential problems when libraries are released to pypi
📖 documentation is automatically published to readthedocs
📆 next up : release candidate for 3.28

and here's the official announcement, also shedding light on what's going to happen in the #heptapod 0.13.x series. It's much more than just wikis!

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