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#DebConf20 continues with "FreedomBox: The Home Server Appliance" and the Community Team BoF at the same time (19:00 UTC). Links to both streamings in the website

The next talk of #DebConf20, "Building Enterprise-Grade Postgres Services via Debian Packages and systemd-Integration" starts at 11:00 UTC

Wednesday at #DebConf20 online! - We start the day with "Open Build Service and Debian Packaging" at 10:00 UTC and then "My phone runs Debian - and it does phone calls! " at 11:00 UTC. See today's schedule at

> nous vous annonçons l'annulation de la conférence 2020 à cause de la crise sanitaire

Dommage, c'est une chouette conférence, et Strasbourg une chouette ville. À 2021 (fingerscrossed) :python:

We're readying ourselves to issue the first invoices. Your consumption can now be watched in the Clever Cloud console

#DebConf20 online starts today at 10h00 UTC - follow the schedule and watch the live streams at

Next talk at #DebConf20 online starts at 16:00 UTC: the Debian Diversity BoF. Come join us on this important debate

Après avoir supprimé je me suis dit qu'il faillait tester @keyoxide (solution en logiciel libre pour faire certaines chose que keybase faisait).

J'en ai profité pour faire une rotation de clef GPG (long overdue) en suivant

Ma nouvelle clef GPG : 03AF5B56BBF399670338B818E344695ECD79592F

Résultat :

In great part thanks to Elouan's work we got gitlab-pages working on our @heptapod installation (or should we say heptapod-pages?). Congrats to @gracinet for making this possible.

Mercurial + heptapod + pages = ❤️

> With GitLab Pages, you can publish static websites directly from a repository.

Le chiffrement bout-à-bout (E2E "end-to-end") des fichiers est arrivé dans #Nextcloud ! Ce que ça veut dire, c'est qu'il est maintenant possible de synchroniser des fichiers chiffrés localement : même si le serveur se fait compromettre, rien ne pourra être déchiffré. Super cool ! 🎉 🎉 🎉

En cherchant "docker makefile" on tombe très vite sur de @philpep

J'ai fait un petit essai de constructions d'images Docker nginx utilisant les paquets des distributions Debian et Alpine

C'est sympa d'être aidé par une ressource créée par quelqu'un qu'on connaît.

If you, your project or your team depends on an open source project, don’t hesitate to mail its creators and tell them that you do!

You have no idea how useful such endorsements are when maintainers want to justify their time commitments!

Also, as a maintainer you're used to hearing your project being criticized all the time, because people usually only take the time to mail you when they're facing a problem they can't solve.

Sometimes, just sometimes, someone will send you a short, sweet mail saying "Hey, I'm using this and it's great. Thank you for making this!".

Be that kind of positivity in life! ❤️

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We're moving forward on #PeerTube's roadmap!

New moderation tools, work started on plugins and playlists, and much more news to read here

Support @peertube future v3 on

(illustration CC-by @davidrevoy )

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