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CubicWeb Monthly news january 2021

📆 Rotating the coordinator of the month
📌 New kanban boards
🔧 Using @heptapod as a forge
👥 Weekly meetings
🚀 Separate Back & Front cwclientlibjs/cwelements
📖 Documentation rework

#cubicweb #community #javascript

mercurial-testhelpers 0.5.0 released. Many thanks to all kind of contributors ! #mercurial #tests

Looking for inclusive, free and open source illustrations for your next project? CocoMaterial can be just what you need 😍

Hand-drawn by Esther Moreno, you can customize and download whole sets of images (svg & png) 🎨

More info:


On #Peertube it is possible to livestream via OBS Studio / #Jitsi Meet.

> If you want to broadcast a webinar or a conference very easily, you can also use Jitsi Meet for recording the event, and rely on PeerTube for streaming it live. It is very useful if you have an expected audience too big for Jitsi to handle, but actually only a few people talking.

You can start a webinar with a pure FOSS solution 🎉

🐧 quelques chiffres pour l'édition de cette année !

56 conférences
12 ateliers
17 activités enfants
33 stands

Merci à tous pour vos belles propositions.

La PyConFr vous manque ? À nous aussi, donc ce mois-ci c'est lightning-talks sur notre BBB :

Penpot is out! Your new Open Source design and prototyping platform.

Try it now! #DesignFreedom 🎨 🎉

Les hébergeurs qui foirent leur migration DNS 🤦‍♂️

Ça donne envie de faire du name & shame...

Since many folks have lamented the #activitypub test suite being down, I've decided to spin up a #gofed based test suite with the goal of being mostly-automated:

Each test starts up a short-lived & completely hermetic environment. Its own database, its own S2S+C2S (federating & social) set of actors, so multiple folks can use the automated tests without interfering with one another.

Still a lot more actual tests that need to be written. Contributions welcome!

Ugly screenshots lol

Présentation sur proxmox avec :

📈 📉 Stack technique de métrologie mise en place par Télécom St Etienne :

This forum discussion about and software forges (github, gitlab, etc.) is going really well.

If you're into interoperability, free software, the fediverse, be sure to check it out.

Who here wants to comment on github issues from mastodon ?

cc @cwebber @sl007 @forgefed

Connaissez-vous openMairie ? Des logiciels, applications libres pour les collectivités, à découvrir sur

Claudine Chassagne en a parlé dans « Libre à vous ! » en septembre 2020

On en reparle bientôt dans l'émission.

#libreavous #causecommune

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