"Cellulite" dans Pilote, "Les Frustrés" puis "Agrippine" et "Docteur Ventouse, bobologue" dans Le Nouvel Obs, ses tableaux... la grande Claire Bretécher est morte et ça me prend vapeur nouvelobs.com/bibliobs/2020021

En ce moment, une initiation à l'hébergement de services libres pour les étudiants de l'UTC organisée par le Chaton @picasoft

Le programme :

Les productions des étudiants :

Et merci à Gandi.net pour nous avoir prêté des VM.

Tip of the day: do not even try Firefox Nightly on wayland without GDK_BACKEND=wayland

Finally made it to the . I've put a few flyers on the Job Corner table. Feel free to come and talk if interested. Currently in the Python track.

We have 3 open positions in my team at #SoftwareHeritage this year, both tech and research. If you are passionate about the long-term preservation of Free/Open Source Software, let's talk ! softwareheritage.org/jobs/
#freesoftware #opensource #digitalpreservation #SoftwareHeritage

Okay I think the replacement transformer does not exactly meet the expected specs... It looks OK, it has R and L values for both primary and secondary sides are in the right ball park, but the response seems pretty bad... First pic is the original xformer (which still have one secondary OK), the second is the replacement one... "That's your problem, lady!"

The striking seems to fire the tubes on, but then they remains very dim for a couple of seconds before the IC shuts down the output (I believe for OLP aka open lamp protection). During the few seconds the PSU is attempting to drive the tubes, the duty cycle of the signals driving the MOSFET transistors is at max value, so I'm suspecting the output transformer does not output enough voltage.

And this CCFL power supply is driving me nuts. Replaced the xformer (which was bad), I fried and replaced the controller chip (FAN7314), checked (in circuit) all (most?) the components (resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors), checked the CCFL with another screen PSU... Still not working

Ah !

#igorrr a sorti un album !
Spirituality and Distortion

C'est... surprenant.


Let's say with 280000km, it's acceptable to have to replace it. But I'm not very happy with the fact this failure does not trigger a MiL so you do not notice it until the DFP is clogged (again), because the throttle valve is needed to fire a DFP regen...

It's exactly the same problem as the one described by Louis in youtube.com/watch?v=jDBsxGuZxH but in my case, the electronic module seems dead.

It has a fusable PCB track that blew up. But even a quick repair with a thin wire, the module behaves unexpectedly (12v / 2.5A on my bench power supply is not enough for it to start and run).

Yeah, OK, the throttle valve actuator of my car is a bit dirty. Well, the electronic module is. Full of oil. And dead.

une image du récit dessiné de @julietteTaka
"Dernier été avant la fin du monde"
pour lequel elle a eu un prix :)

« Une jeune femme décide de vivre dans la forêt pour réduire son empreinte sur Terre. Ce changement de vie lui fait découvrir la joie de vivre simplement, en accord avec la nature. »

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