Molly de Blanc and I wrote a Declaration of #DigitalAutonomy, outlining the Principles of Digital Autonomy. We'd love to hear your thoughts:

Mystic Panic! est une bande dessinée réalisée pendant (et après) les . Elle traite de sujets qui me tiennent à coeur : les et l'.

A dérouler !

Page 19.

Pour réaliser cette BD, j'ai utilisé plusieurs rapports de la qui se penche sur les dérives sectaires et les phénomènes d'emprise.

(merci @david , j'ai corrigé ! 👓 )

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We are now automatically scanning apps for API Key Identifiers like #GoogleAnalytics' ga_trackingId that are used to enable tracking APIs. If your app includes these, it will be marked with the `Trackers` Anti-Feature. To fix that, either remove the tracking API Key entirely or move it out of the build flavor used by F-Droid.

@setthemfree a écrit

« Supprimez Chrome. Dès maintenant. Google utilise sa position exceptionnellement dominante pour faire en sorte que *le navigateur lui-même* analyse votre comportement de navigation et le serve sur un plateau sous la forme de "cohortes" à toute personne intéressée. Ils transforment Chrome en un "passeport d'historique de navigation", et ce dès maintenant. Aidez les autres à faire de même. »


nouvel article 🇬🇧

@picasoft @Framasoft @scenari #UPLOAD #confindev Première journée. On démarre en douceur. On fait connaissance avec l'environnement de programmation et le langage.

(avec @kyane en guest star)

Début du premier défi : trouver le maximum d'une liste de températures (on donne le programme, c'est juste pour tester).

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Free sunday tip: if your refuses any flash upload or erasure, check you don't have a serial monitor running in a random terminal...

Chez @Framasoft, la logorrhée de @pyg est proverbiale… on en fait même des mèmes 😂

Chien joyeux (Pyg) : J’vais écrire un petit texte
Chien qui tire la gueule (les membres de Framasoft) : ça va encore faire 50 pages

At @logilab we have deployed 5 @peertube instances over the years :

1. intranet from source
2. intranet using @yunohost
3. extranet using yunohost again
4. public for @semwebpro conference using yunohost
5. public for logilab videos using kubernetes and s3-type storage

With this new kubernetes + s3 deployment we're trying to contribute and have feedback from other users or potential users. You can review and get in touch ! Thanks ! Boosts welcome.

The ref voltage is a bit off (6.0v) but well within the required range (+/-0.3v). After a quick adjustment, it's starting to look better

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But it was pretty unstable, mainly because the 2DW233 was drived too low with current schematic: at 1.5 mA instead of the expected 7.5mA (for the 233). So I played a bit with ltspice to find better values for R61 and R63, and I also replaced the opamp with a 741 I found while cleaning a bit my bench :-)

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So here is current situation: the 5.9v zener reference has been replaced by a 2DW233. First quick check was a bit dodgy: this ref is normally 6.2v, but actually consists In 2 zener head to head, so in practice a 5.5-ish v zener in series with a forward one (so .6-ish v). So I've used only one of the zener of the 2DW233 in series with a germanium diode. I also used a random opamp I had but had not the correct pinout (it's a dual opamp). The result is a bit dodgy as I said, but it worked: 5.87v

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now I need to find a replacement for this 5.9v reference voltage. Maybe it's time to start playing with these 2DW233 I have...

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Yes, this poor little optocoupler is not straight, but it does work. Now I have decent voltage readings (here fed with 0.5v)

But it was still not working. After fighting with the poor quality (but available) schematics from the service manual still available on Keysight web page, I could identify the culprit: one of the optocouplers was dead (on the LED side). Funny enough, it is listed as a TIL111, but it's a 8-DIP package (the til111 is a 6-DIP). So I had to improvise...

After replacing it with what I had, a simple 6.2V zener and replacing the opamp with a random one (but with matching pinout), I finally got the voltages in the correct ballpark.

Then I checked the power supplies, and sure enought, voltages on the inguard board were completely wrong. Turned out the 5.9v reference voltage zener is cooked, as well as the opamp driving it. This 8 pins can is actually a zener diode (obviously made of unobtainium)

The unit did power up, but the displayed voltage was all over the place, and a couple of keys had no spring left, so I started there with my plastice made replacement spring trick

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Hey I have a new toy I'm working on, a glorious HP3437A "High-speed" system voltmeter (from late 70s) . Got it for a cheap as non-working, as usual. TBH, I've picked mostly for the fun amd because I love these "bubble" 7 segment LED display.

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