At last, after a loooong pause, I've resumed my project of replacing my HP34970's front panel PCB, since the VFD was broken **and** I managed to kill the 80C51 controlling the front panel. The new PCB looks decent, it even fit the enclosure! Soon (hopefully) a new blog post on

So far so good (but I fried an STM32F303 because I fried the MCP1811 LDO, because I swapped the silk screen **marking** of 2 resistors... You know, the ones that set the feedback voltage for the TPS56043 18v->5v converter...) Oh well. Now I need to get back to the laptop to get a working firmware...

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Making progress...

Still have a few problems to fix:
- selected (dimm) characters are not yet fully supported,
- power off of the front panel not yet implemented
- display is too flickery in some situations , need to investigate how to properly use DMA for the SPI transfert to the display module,
- the code a kind of a mess, but meh

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Some progress

I'd say it's almost good enough, still have a few bits to improve and fix, but it should be good enough soon. Remaining stuff to do:
- implement dimmed icons/flags
- it seems I still sometimes send a keycode to the main unit while it has started a communication (and it does not like this at all),
- I'd the + and - font chars to be more similar

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Things I will not do any time soon:
- add USB support; because of (I should probably have chosen an STM32F1, which has better support in MBed)

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I finally got this project more or less finished! The USBDevice support for the STM32F303 has been added very recently (but a PR is still waiting to be merged), so I could finish the project!

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