Breadboards are wonderful tools that let you very easily spend 2 hours chasing your tail by just swapping 2 wires... Anyway, progress, after the stm32 (f303k8), I have now the AR488 code running on an esp32 (via SN75160/161 transceivers). Now let's see how to make this GPIB "dongle" wireless...

I wasn't completely sure if the 3v3 logic of the esp32 and stm32 would play nicely with the SN7516X tranceivers, but no pb (so far, I haven't tested all the possible cases of the GPIB protocol). With the esp32 just need to take care of which GPIO are actually I/O capable...

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OK making Bluetooth SPP work on Linux ils a bit tricky, but it werk! Note the comm port is rfcomm0 in there. I guess I need some udev black magic to make it "just work™" but ok

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