I just tested from @blender !
I'm not used to work with 3D spaces, but I enjoy drawing this small street scenery. (btw if anybody knows how to enable antialiasing... )

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@julietteTaka @blender I have to say I really dig it, you're super talented! Also this aliasing gives it a very retro MS paintish kind of look lol

@julianne @blender lol thank you :D i'm still a beginner in all these render/video/aliasing things, i'll improve :D

@Lapineige Thank you, it could be! or it's just that I used a brush too thin...

@julietteTaka @blender Yo that's rad! I recommend letting people explore it in A-frame! I made a little showcase for my friend:
To get started:
#opensource #aframe #ar

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