If you're currently using #GoogleAnalytics, you are helping Google spy on your own site's visitors.

To protect your visitors' privacy, try switching to an independent free open source alternative like #Matomo:


The self-hosted version is FLOSS and (of course) free of charge, while the managed hosting version is a paid account.

It's GDPR compliant and by default respects "Do Not Track".

You can also follow the developers on here:


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@switchingsocial @Matomo You can also stop to put a way to spy visitors. Using Matomo does not protect privacy, it just changes the spy, even if he is less intrusive and big. Alternative to problem is erasing it, not to reduce it on details.

@nspanti @Matomo

In an ideal world no one would record visitor details at all (by the way, switching.social has no analytics or visitor data of any kind).

In the real world, businesses and organisations are under huge pressure to record numbers and statistics for how their sites are used.

Even non-profits like charities are forced to produce statistics so they can apply for funding.

If it's a choice between Google Analytics and Matomo, Matomo is probably the more privacy-friendly option.


@switchingsocial @Matomo Matomo is by no way privacy friendly, its existence is based on privacy violation. It is less worse than Google, I am ok with that. However it is false to describe it as "[a way] to protect your visitors' privacy" or "privacy-friendly".

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