Follow @Matomo "Even non-profits like charities are forced to produce statistics so they can apply for funding." Does La Quadrature Du Net does this ? No. Does Free Software Foundation does this ? No. Does April does it ? No. Organizations are pushed by some physical and moral persons to spy, but there are not forced. Moreover you can fortunately produce statistics without mass-surveillance. This is a bad excuse, and that is a shame that for example Mélenchon and CNT-F use GAnalytics.

@nspanti @switchingsocial @Matomo Still it is worth a lot to have an alternative to centralized analytics. Centralized analytics are problematic because they are used all over the web which allows the analytic provider to track people through their whole digital life. Self-hosted analytics sounds way less intrusive.
I agree: I would prefer to be not tracked at all. But such a radical change cannot be expected of most companies. Therefore I think matomo-like solutions are an improvement.

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